Imported meshes not using the existing similarly named materials

The scenario: I’m preparing a mesh in 3dsMax to which I apply a standard material that I name say… “brick_01”. This material is just gray, nothing changed to it except the name.
In Unreal I already have a material named “brick_01” which is complete, maps and everything. Shouldn’t Unreal look up the name of the imported material and assign to the mesh the one already existing in the engine with the same name ?
I feel like I’m losing my mind and wondering if this is even a feature. I feel like it worked in the past and if I named my materials correctly in 3dsMax I wouldn’t have to apply them to each mesh I’m bringing in. Now it just assigns them the WorldGridMaterial and only in the Slot Name there’s the name I set up. Does this not work the way I think it does?

Alright, I found what I was doing wrong. When importing the mesh, in the “Material” section at “Search Location” it was set on Local which I guess means that Unreal only looks up in the importing folder. I switched it to “All Assets” and it works. Solved!


Hey, that’s good to know. I wasn’t aware of this at all. Thank you.