Imported Material Message - Who Wrote This!?

Message when bringing in new materials (with maybe matching names?)

**"Would you like to apply changes to this material to the original material?

(No will lose all changes!)"**

No offense, but somewhat unclear.

Maybe use “current”, “incoming”, “Importing”, or something, it feels like it could go either way with which is replacing which…

Something like “Imported material has same name as existing project material. Click ‘Keep’ to maintain existing project material for all instances, or ‘Replace’ to replace with incoming material for all instances”

The “No will lose all changes!” is not exactly clear what it is referring to also.


+1 to this,

But. Believe you me. After the first time you loose 30 or so custom materials you learn what button to press :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, I know you are a fellow user, and I am not suggesting that you provide the answer.
But, I will follow up on the claim you make because otherwise what you say is in fact left vague and unclear…

SO, from your experience - which is True:

YES = KEEP as is
NO = REPLACE existing with incoming



YES = REPLACE existing with incoming
NO = KEEP as is

I mean, because the message it gives could be clear and easy, but it is horribly written.
Imagine it being translated by a non-english speaker…how would anyone decipher that.
Or maybe…
Maybe it was originally in another language and poorly translated to english…