Imported FBX static meshes normals issue on import, files inside

I am having trouble with my normals/smoothing groups on imported FBX models for use as a static mesh.

All files are available for download at the bottom of this post for any troubleshooting purposes.

Below is an image of my file in maya, with and without wireframe, as well as what the model looks like after being imported into UE4 with two versions: Calculated and Imported Normals.

Below are my FBX Export settings

I’m afraid I don’t know what could be happening so I’m hoping you all might have some input. Thanks ahead of time!

Maya file:

FBX File:

Just enable “recompute normals”:

After checking “Recompute Normals” I am still receiving the problem as shown in my original post, image attached below for reference:

Hi Enig,

When you import the model leave the normals on “Import Normals”. This will allow it to import as seen in my image.

Thank you!