Imported fbx from 3DS Max losing textures and centered pivot

I’m having to run my photogrammetry-derived fbx through 3DS to comply with UE4s search for Smoothing Groups, could not get Maya or MeshLab to make that work, it is working via 3DS, alas I’m losing my textures. I’m aware UE4 doesn’t recognize TIFs, am converting to JPG. I’m wondering if UE4 is looking for a material that was never setup in 3DS. Under that theory, I tried manually editing the material in UE4 and linking the base color to the UV map jpg. It applied that color, but it didn’t place it correctly, so is 3DS remapping the UVs? Many thanks for lifting the thorn, surely a minor thing, but yet another time suck.

Make sure you’re using a Standard material.

As for the pivot–by default the pivot will be placed at 0,0,0 so if you want it in a specific location on the mesh then move the mesh to 0,0,0 before exporting.

Thanks. Once I linked the material to the base color map, it mapped correctly. I’m still unclear why the material travelling with the fbx isn’t recognized as a “Standard material”. I look that up what all is required. I see alt clicking the pivot allows you to move it to wherever you want (to the object).