Imported char from FUSE laying down when I press play.

I downloaded FUSE on steam and made a char and imported it into UE4.9. When I know press play the char is laying down trying to run. How may I fix this? Thanks in advance.

The easiest way is to just rotate your character in your 3d tool :slight_smile:

Appreciate you fighter, learning so much from your answers.

It’s probably due to the fact that in FUSE it uses a different coordinate system where Y is up rather than Z. As fighter says you’ll need to rotate it either in the modelling tool, or can’t you rotate it in the editor? Either way, you need to swap your Y and Z axis.

That probably happens because their animation is missing root bone. That happens with their “Alpha”, “Beta”(Zeta?), “Female Base Mesh”, “Male Base mesh” characters.

To avoid this probelm, export character from mixamo fuse, and add animation from the website and export in “Unreal 4 fbx” format. That one will have the root bone.

Yea I noticed the root bone was missing from them. I’ll try that out, thanks!

When you set toot motion, the peon can loose easily ground traction. Also you can try to import the model with 90 roll