Important Doubts

Hey guys!
I’m very new to Game Development and Unreal engine, and have a few doubts that I hope you can clarify.
Firstly, what all do I need to do to publish my game? I have been working on a project and was wondering how I get the project out to the public. Do I need any licenses to publish my game? I had initially planned to just make my game and publish it on Steam’s Greenlight, but apparently they have a fee too. I also wanted to know whether I had to pay any fees for publishing it on PSN and XBL game stores and what the procedure would be.
Basically, I just wanted to know what all Licenses/ Fees I have to pay in totality to get my game published. I am also including fees to be paid to Epic Games
Thank you for taking time out to answer my questions!

Licensing and fees change depending on the platform(Steam, PS, Xbox, etc.) But if you just want to make a PC game and publish it you can do so via your own website without paying anything other than the royalties you owe to Epic.


Hey there!
I was planning to publish it on steam, as over there it would get more publicity than on a private website. So then I would only have to pay the fees they demand ? Also I know this isn’t the place to ask this, but does Steam take a cut of the profits or do they demand their own fee? Also, this charge would be different from the 100$ submission fee?
I’m very sorry, I’m just extremely confused about the whole deal.
Thank you

One can only imagine the mess something like a Green Light would becomes with out a fee.

After the $100 submission fee you still have to be approved, then they are going to typically take 30% off sales. Then the 5% to Epic and then finally about 50% in fed/state taxes depending on where you live.

Most of that is under NDA but Valve do take a flat percentage of your game’s sales. You can also generate keys to be sold on your own website, third parties like Green Man Gaming or bundles - Valve doesn’t require a royalty from those.