Import Skeleton from blender to FBX - New bones appear

I am new on blender. I just want to create a skeleton to animate in control rigg.
I have this skeleton in blender:

But it comes up with new bones in after importing into Unreal.

What I am doining wrong?
Any idea where to start.


Bone parenting must be wrong.
They need to be a connected chain.

Thank you for this hint. I extruded the bones and get this hierachie. Any help how I can fix this issue?


Doesn’t seem like it’s the same hierarchy as the pictures above.

Go in edit mode on the armor, click the bones that have the dotted lline. Make sure they say “connected” and have a parent assigned.

The bones have all conected and parent as in this image:

Online the first bone don’t have.

May this be the problem?
Thanks a lot!