Import issue with eyes when using send to unreal from blender

Possibly i am just too new to the field but am looking for something that seems like it should be (and probably is) super basic. We created a character in blender that was aimed to be realistic. He has seperatly meshed and rigged eyes for animation purposes. Used send to unreal and solved all our own problems except for when in unreal the eyes are no longer parented properly to the rig (unless we’re missing something). In fact theyre completly seperate objects. Would it be as simple as reparenting them in unreal or is there a step we missed in the export import process? Thanks in advance

Edit: Solution was as i thought simple enough. There is no mesh merge option in the send to unreal add on as of now. But thats not a problem as i wouldnt want my eyes merged with the body anyway. Solution is using the master pose component node in the construction script of my blueprint for the character. Now my problem is a bad orientation issue with the imported eye meshes being too far away from both the editing controller and their source location. As well as rotated by what looks like 90 degrees. Id be fine with moving them into the right spot but their orientation makes the animation wrong when rotated.

How could i fix this orientation issue on import when hust reimporting these meshes?