Import images files by dragging directly from drives (without clicking import button)


It would be speed up the workflow if I could drag image files, textures from my OS directly to Unreal Engine.
It is strange that I have to import it as an asset first and then do something about it.

It would even be better to bypass putting the texture as an asset inside Unreal.

Why can’t I simply drag a texture from windows, from any drive directly to the material editor without having to import it first to the internal folder system of UNREAL.

In 3ds max there is an option of dragging an image file into a map slot. I simply got used to it.

My proposal for Unreal Engine is to create a special automatic dumping bucket for unassociated image files. ( If Unreal Engine really has to put image files into its own folder system).

This way I could care less about where to put an image file while texturing. I would simply drag images onto the material slot from my WINDOWS image viewer.

It would simply speed up the whole process.