"import from file" is missing in Landscape paint layers

It seems like a lot of things got rearranged with little to no documentation as to the new way to do things. I’ve got a landscape generated from world machine with separate depth maps and splat maps that i intend to use with auto materials. I’ve got different maps for sand, mud, cliff faces and forests that i want to load into my paint layers, but wheras in UE4 where right clicking on those layers in the landscape editor would show a “import from file” option, in UE5 that option is missing. This completely breaks my entire landscape workflow in UE5.

Does anyone know where the option to import tiled images as layer masks got moved to or if its just missing completely?

Still doesn’t seem to be fixed. Or rather readded. The only way to “import from file” is to do it at landscape creation, after that the option to do so is no longer available, which is VERY limiting.