Import FBX with Animation (Model looks different)

Good day dear community!

I work normally with Cinema4D R16, which I also use on the job. Boss now wants to have a little mini-game for us and I’ve decided to UE. I test it now and add a small LowPoly tree made with a little animation of leaves blowing in the wind. Onl test how the import works. Well, I noticed that when I import the FBX with animation or Skeleton it looks totally different and in the case also dont import the stump. Can you tell me why? Can i not import separately in the UE skeleton and animation? Something’s going wrong in any case. Left and right are normally imported without animation and combined with mesh and in the middle with animation. What also amazes me that the animation is rotated which is not in C4D:

Picture of Editor:
Picture of Import:
Picture of the animation:

Thanks in advance!

Hi Kampfschaf,

When you exported the animation did you set the Z-axis in your FBX export options? This looks like Y-axis is set to up.



Hi Tim!

There is no option for that! I mean the joints are in z axis.

But by the way why the model looks so different? Its very black it seams that the light makes mistakes…


Did you rebuild your lighting?
How are your lightmap UVs laid out?


a couple of things come to mind, for the tree laying on its side try turning on the “use TOA’s ref pose” option during import, for the lighting try changing “compute normals” to “import normals”.

I don’t know if it will work for a C4D model but it does with blender models.