Import fbx in Runtime for Daydream Device

Hi everyone!

I am working on a project in the unreal engine for a daydream device. I want to know if there is any possibility to import the mesh in daydream device in runtime from its local storage? I found some plugins to import the mesh in runtime, but they work for windows platform only.

There isn’t an option right now for the engine to be able to import an FBX file in the game

Could you point me to the link for the FBX loading script?? I think that could some my problem, I need it to work on Windows only.

@darthviper107 Could it not be somewhat easily developed based on the Blender FBX import routines now that the engine added Python support as well?

To clarify - you wouldn’t have control of materials and shaders, but assuming you only want new geometry is this even possible given how the engine works once a game is published?

Blender doesn’t have a very good FBX exporter, but there might be something open-source out there that could be adapted to use in UE4.