Import Crash

Some meshes are crashing my editor on import, it just shuts down and gives a send error and restart screen. I have a pack of meshes i modelled at the same time in the same program. Some of them open others cause a crash everytime i try. These meshes working in UE4 fine in 4.10. I upgraded to 4.14 and started my project over. Now i cant import these meshes. anyone know possibly why?

WHat kind of meshes are those, where do they come from? Are materials and textures involved? How much? Are they skeletal or static meshes?

after updating 4.14.1 to 4.14.2 there has been many a reports of engine crashes . Might be one of the cases . Can’t be too sure as he has not mentioned the specific version of 4.14 .

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4.14.2, they are fbx files from blender, i treied both with the materials and textures and without. it isnt random, same certain files crash on import. doesnt even finish import let alone allow me to attempt to save.