Import button greyed out in world level creatoin screen

I went to link provided ( here), but its not taking my raw files, so I renamed to .r16, but upon selecting all four ( as exported from Photoshop 2) and clicking OK, the import button is still greyed out. It didn’t seem as though I had to have weightmaps, as this terrain wasn’t done in WM, but in 3d app and exported ( I am just testing things out atm ) as a heightmap file and split in photoshop 2. Anyway yes the current problem is as shown below, greyed out import button

Here is a screenie showing issue:


HOw do I fix this , and what if anything may be wrong with tiled images,I have no idea atm what is wrong, given I’m getting no error messages of anykind, after I load them.

thx anyone

Is your heightmap a raw16 file? -> because as far as I understand you have just renamed your raw file? :slight_smile:

Btw, next time just bump your other thread, because sometimes it takes some hours till somebody answers :wink:

I was afraid my thread was quickly becoming invisible is all, and feared i’d never get an answer…and yes, I did ‘bump’ it, but I still got no answer after an entire day :wink:

To answer your raw question, yes, I exported from PS 2, as 4 raw images, saved in the format blah_xX_yY.raw, and had to rename it to r16, since the load heightmaps from windows > levels,is only taking r16 , for some odd reason. UE4 takes raw format, so why are they switching to r16 in that dialogue ?


Hmm, pretty strange. I just tried it out and somehow I also dont get it to work :frowning: -> I used a generated raw 16 heightmap from terresculptor and a own one from photoshop. The only reason that could cause those problems could be the size of the heightmap or that it is a bug. Those are the recommended sizes:



Which version do you use?

I used 253 terrains having seen website doc page showing correct sizes.

I"ll check docs and see if there is anything I can find to fix this.

Adjacent heightmaps tiles should share border vertices (“Share edge vertices” in World Machine). <

Not sure what any of that means , but I guess if you didn’t choose a similar optionn in terresculptor then that might remedy your end.

Does this mean we can’t export a heightmap and slice it up in photoshop,given faik,photoshop has no share edge vertices , given the version that I have anyway atm, is the older v2 ? If so, I’ll try to import what i have into terresculptor and go from there creating weighgtmaps and looking for a similar command to share edge vertices, if one exists…pls let me know if you find something first :wink: