Implementing interactive moments in a character mocap sequence

Hi I was wondering what would the best way to go about creating moments of interactivity in a large mocap animation sequence would be.

For example I want an NPC to do their mocap monologue then hand something towards the player and wait for their interaction before continuing the rest of their

I currently have planned to use mostly sequencer to control the mocap animation but am unsure about how I would pause and blend into an idle animation while waiting for the player then blend back and resume the rest of the mocap sequence.

You could pontentially blend the mocap with a layered blend by bone, so that you can use Two bone IK so have the arm can hand something, or use an additive animation.
On both cases, you will have a float that will trigger this, so what you need to do is to control that float based on the player action.
A simple way would be to have the NPC talking with an animation, then as soon as that animation is over, you can blend ( using a timeline for the float value )it with an idle with the either layered blend by bone or additive animation, then you can use an overlapping sphere/cube on the NPC hand, and when the player is within that overlapping item, the float value will trigger, and you can disable the blend you have on layered/additive, so that the NPC will go back to its normal mocap animation.

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