Impact Recoil vectors

Hi, vectors are not my strong point and I am trying to work out how to get an impact recoil effect on a floating shield type object I have.

Basically it is a large disc floating in the air that is somewhat constrained in position at its center (but not too much)

I want it so when a projectile hits the edge of the disc it recoils as though the center point of the shield is fixed in place - sort of like hitting a drum cymbal - where the closer to the edge you hit the more the angle recoils away from the hit point.

Anyone got any guidance on the best way to achieve this using vectors/math, as I want to animate it rather than using physics constraints.

Preferably in the most idiot-friendly way possible?

Thanks in advance.

A suggestion - if you put a collision sphere on your cymbal/disk and set its collision settings to a custom channel then you can do a ‘line trace by channel’ which will return to you a ‘hit normal’. This normal will be perpendicular to the surface of the sphere and hence will give you the desired effect. The normal will be the direction of your recoil.
No sums to do.
Might work. Never know.