Impact object in hands

I’m doing the VR project now on hakaton. Is the following possible? in one hand the player is tambourine, and in the second hammer.
At impact - penetration of objects does not happen - the hammer remains on the surface of the tambourine even if the hand goes on.

How is the hammer attached to the hand? And how are your collisions and physics setup between the hammer and the tambourine?

You should have physics turned off on the hammer and just use overlap events with the surface of the tambourine to detect when the hammer hits the skin. In this way the player doesn’t loose control of where their hand his, which in VR may lead to somehow unpleasant consequences.

Use a physics handle to hold the hammer so that it can impact and stop, then use a seperate representation of the hand holding the hammer (ghost hand or something less than solid) so that hand presence isn’t lost but you can get the full collision that you want…

Its really not a problem.

I like very much the idea of the “ghost” hand leaving behind the physical one. Will have to experiment with it myself. How do you see them eventually rejoining? Distance based or time based?

Fade in over distance from the optimal and expected grip. IE: if the hand is pretty much contacting the object where you want it to be, then you can safely hide them, then outside of a deadzone you fade it in to maximum “ghost hand opacity” over a set range from that expected location.

This way you retain hand presence as well as get a visual indication of what is going wrong.