I'm stumped. Bottle model?

So i’ve tried everything, And it seems impossible to get a bottle model in UE4 with the label not being transparent, but the bottle itself being visible with scratches etc. I’ve googled everywhere, tried sub obj material ID’s and everything, I just can’t get it working.

Help please

Thank you

Why doesnt sub-object material ID’s work?

I might be doing it wrong, can you give me a quick run down on how to do it? I might be missing a step

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Here is a blender tutorial how you can create different material slots for your mesh: -> because after that you can easily create 1 material for the label and a 2nd one for the glass (probably not the best solution, but it will work ^^)

If you are using 3Ds Max, select the polygons that you want to make label from, scroll down to Set ID and set them to 2. Then create a multi/sub object material with 2 material slots, apply it to the bottle and export the mesh. You might also try detaching those polygons as an element to keep it as a separate part of the bottle and do the multi material procedure again.

Fixed it, thanks, Forgot to apply the material every time lol.

Although I have an issue concerning translucency on UE4. Whatever I put as translucent starts glowing. How do I stop that?

Model w/ Mat:
Model in Level:

multiply your opacity mask with a const-1 < than 1.

Like this?
That didn’t work :confused:

you are multiplying it with -0.1 and then again with 1.0. Just multiply it with 0.5 or something and remove the second multiply of 1.