I'm so sorry, but I have no idea what I'm doing here...

I have recently downloaded Unreal Engine 4 to create a fangame. I simply wish to first create the map… this stuff is really REALLY confusing…

I looked at tutorials with static meshes, and I have no clue what they are talking about. The tutorials direct me nowhere good, because it assumes I know this stuff. I DON’T.

Someone please inform me on how to create a simple, large indoor 1 floor map. What I have done so far is started the first person blueprint and removed the 2 giant unessesary blocks and all of the white physics cubes, and I have managed to remove the gun, arms, and projectile and noises. I have moved the player back, and I was attempting to mold a static mesh, and i couldn’t move when I tested it all of a sudden. What the hell.

Yes, Unreal Engine and even Unity assumes you have previous development experience.
For super fresh/clean start I would try Game Maker or BlitzBasic tools and other programs like that or even some sandbox/mod tools from Steam then coming back to Unreal every 3~5 days.
Getting involved with something like UE4 as a first contact with gamedev I would be terrified.

There are still loads of resources available and failing that, people willing to help you learn. Although I would say Unreal is probably not the best place to start, having no concept of anything which goes into gamedev, it should be possible to bring someone up to speed. If no such tutorials/resources exist, maybe there is a niche to be filled… Which tutorials did you already try Yum Yum?

There are some absolute beginner tutorials available in the thread below:

They claim to be for absolute beginners with no previous game dev experience on any engine, and they start with the basics like the user interface and how to create basic shapes. If you haven’t already I recommend you look at those.

Don’t be tempted to skip over the “boring” bits. As a tool geared towards high-end and AAA development as well as enthusiasts, there is little hand holding, so be prepared to learn the basics before you jump into making something.

Don’t give up, at first it will all be confusing but it will eventually click and suddenly start making sense. We’ve all been there!

UE4 is quite a departure from what came before i.e. UDK/UE3/UT etc and just about everybody is playing catch-up. If this was couple of years ago, you’d be learning UDK or Unity-4 and both would offer obvious roadmaps. Example: UDK-Necropolis → FPS shooter, JazzMiniGame → iOS-Mobile template… For Unity, the better Asset store kits tend to come with PDF tutorials along with fully-working sample scenes.

Whereas in UE4, not everything is explained as well or in such granular detail as before. This is both the challenge and the reward for having such a complete and open game engine, that you can do just about anything with given time, except perhaps NMS style fully-procedural games. Additionally, there isn’t any single best way to do stuff anymore, take vehicles or creating car physics for example. Its quite a departure from last time, where there was a clear roadmap for building vehicles / characters / weapons etc which most devs copied. In UE4 too, quite a lot of pre-existing examples are works in progress, that means stuff sometimes gets broken between builds.

If you’re just looking to do something basic and you don’t need UE4 for your resume / CV, I would turn to Unity or UDK instead… What is a fan game anyway? I’ve helped devs before with theirs, but I’ve always wanted to know why go to all that trouble, it just sounds like a lot of pain without the pleasure :p…

Try to understand what variables are, write them down, print them on the wall, to understand the difference.
Try to think in variables when shopping, which sort is this pricelabel?
When you are looking for cheese and there is no cheese, you have a bool, what you are doing then?
When bool is false, look for meatballs. If the Meatball bool is true, grab them.
Put all your stuff in a cart/array , how do you put it into? Sorting in any way? Perhaps the heavy stuff at lowest position and the cherrys on top?

What is happening when you are moving and your hip is your pivot? Think in axes, and while you are thinking, watch out that your personal relative velocity do not reach <0 , aside crouching is true, because then you are falling.

I used it some years ago and i feel like it is no help with UE4.

If i was you i would get UnrealTournament project files (that is also in unreal loader), and create famous “redeemer in middle” map.

UnrealTournament is a game with some assets, unlike unreal 4 that is just engine and assumes you create everything yourself.

Hey, thanks to EVERYONE who gave me advice! I will be sure to check out alot of those tutorials, and try to get Game Maker and try to learn from there.

I feel better now. :>

Don’t worry i am the same. Would love to be able to learn and create something basic. Think i will take a look at game maker and the like as suggested. But i will not pay for full access to software so don’t want to waste my time. Should have started when i was a teenager like most of the things i should have done haha!.
One Question, What other Software would people recommend to use with UE4 or other software like Game maker? GIMP?

At 31, i think i am past learning anything like UE4/game maker, unity etc, to be fair with no experience.