Im not understanding how to use the key event, can you help please?

So far I have a matinee in my map, it’s for a fade out effect that plays before I load the next map. Im getting a reference to it and use Cinematic Play, then I use a delay in order to wait for the effect to play before open the next map (see attached screenshot). That works fine.

But now I want to use an event key to notify me that the matinee has ended to do the open level.

Inthis link (official documentation)
they talk about a “matinee actor” and in the screenshot you see a node “matinee actor” with a pin related to the key event, but how I get that “matinee actor node”
in the screenshot attached I show how Im doin it now.

Thanks for any advice.

From what I remember you can only get the matinee actor you placed in the level through the Level Blueprint.

First you want to select your matinee actor in your world outliner

Then you want to open up your level blueprint

Then you want to right click in the blueprint and Create a Matinee Controller

And now you have a Matinee Actor node that has a Finished Executre wire as well as any other events you set up

The other way within another blueprint is a find from class, or create it as a variable in your gameinstance perhaps.

thanks for the answers!