I'm new to C++ but have a fix in mind. Can someone lend a hand? :)

Hi everyone,
I’m pretty sure you’re bored as heck reading all these threads I’m making about being a total newbie to Github, C++ and whatnot. But I’ve been very grateful for the help!

Today, I’m here to ask for a favour that will hopefully teach me everything that I need to know.

I had a fix in mind for something in Unreal Engine (Which we’ll get to in a second), but I have no idea how to implement it:

It’s to do with the “MatineeController” Blueprint node.

Basically, when you create your MatineeController node, you have to manually refresh it to get the events made within your Matinee to show up as execution pins.

I was looking into the code (I think I looked at K2MatineeNode or something like that) to try and simply copy the code attached to “Refresh Nodes” and just copy-paste it to when the node is created. But that didn’t work.

I then sifted through various files with “Matinee” in the title, but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Is what I’m doing pointless? Is what I’m trying to do impossible and I’m just being silly? Or is there an easy way to do it and I’m just overthinking?

I’d love if someone could guide me on how to do this, Which will help teach me what to look for in the code and how to fix it.

EVEN if someone ninja’s this suggestion and does it before, I’d just enjoy the learning exercise.

(Btw, I am aware that Matinee will eventually be replaced with Sequencer, But it’d be nice to have a fix for Matinee in the Master branch before this!)

Thanks for your help everyone, you’ve all be awesome and are making my transition to C++ that be more simpler! :slight_smile:

  • Ryan