I'm New And Would Like Guidance

Hello there im new to UE4 and want to start by making a horror/puzzle game. So I need to know lots of things which i have listed below and also any thing else that i will need to also know. I’m not wanting you do it or anything so please dont think this but would like docs, videos, programs ect to help! Thanks!

  1. How to make a character model, not just the default mannequin guy, i dont know what the official term for him is sorry as i said im new only used UE4 for 2 days…:confused:

  2. Where to get FREE resources, Im just starting out so dont want to go all out on these things

  3. How to make things like desks, chairs, beds ect

  4. The correct terms for things like the mannequin

  1. Adobe Mixamo is great place to get free character models and hundreds of free animations :slight_smile: They also provide a character creator and auto rigger and LOD creator
    Another place to get character models is the Autodesk Character Generator (just rig the model with Mixamo

  2. There are free downloadable resources on our forums as well as others like Unity, for textures you can’t go wrong with GameTextures.com aswel as the substance store.
    A marketplace content creator by the name of Yughues has a Devon art page where he supplies a lot of free textures and models Yughues - Professional, Digital Artist | DeviantArt
    XFrog for Trees
    Depending if you can dedicate the time there a things called RuneScape Private Servers which you can find model dumps that you can convert to .fbx to use inside your game (Only as placeholder material ofc)
    It will take a bit of googling to find free assets, but that’s 25% of my day

  3. Usually these things are made inside of modelling applications or purchased online, but what some people don’t know is that you can convert a selection on BSP brushes into Static Meshes, so model a desk with BSP brushes, texture is then convert to Static Mesh.

  4. Your player character is made up of a few things… (I’ll try to colour code)
    First thing is the Skeletal Mesh which is basically a Static Mesh with Bones (can be thought of as pivot points), Animations tell the bones what position they should be in at any given key frame, the bones in turn deform the “Static Mesh” into what position it should it should be on.

So basically, when working with animated meshes you model a Static Mesh, import into rigging software that will add bones to it, at this point the mesh is referred to a Skeletal Mesh, this is the mesh we will first import into unreal.
When you import the Skeletal Mesh the engine goes ahead and generates any missing collision and physics assets

Thank you so much!

I don’t recommend using any pre-built programs because you’ll be missing out on alot of core factors of creation(if you have the time). Their is a massive amount of lessons you may learn on animation and art on the internet. Adn their are books that follow along with unreal engine. First you should learn c++ like the back of your hand to progress.


I’m some-what new to UE4 as well. I have got the basics down on how everything works though. I have almost a years experience to UE4. I’m 16 and self tough to UE4. I highly recommend you try out the UE4 Doc’s videos here: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Videos/
I have found it to be supper helpful. Just start out on the basics and work you way up. Also, you should get 3DS Max. It’s a software you use to create the assets in your game like crates light poles etc. So the main software’s you will need are 3ds max and UE4 which you already have. At first it’s supper over whelming. But just take it slow and watch some videos! Also a good site for videos is Digital Tutors. Their is doc’s on the UE4 web that you can read but it’s hard for me to read something to learn it I have to see a video of whats actually happening.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: