I'm looking for to friends develops game

I’m learning c++ right know. I think

I can learn better if I work with someone. I want to setup a little developer group. pls get back to me thnx :slight_smile:

Hi Attila,

are you planning to work on specific projects, game types? For example only FPS or RPG?
I started a few months ago with C++ tutorials and plan to make a 3D Jump’n’run

best regards, Peter

… don’t learn c++…

unreal does not use “normal” c++

get some tutorials that are based on the “unreal” version of c++

otherwise your going to have to do a lot learning “again”…

God Bless you. May Jesus Christ be Charitable unto you.

John 3 : 16, google it, its cool :smiley:

correct… unreal has its “own” c++ version

Hi I think Ben Tristem,Tom Looman Unreal Courses on udemy are very informative. You might want to look at these courses.They are often on sale :slight_smile:

LOL well I’m sure your time will not be wasted learning pure C++ (or C# for that matter) and becoming familiar with your IDE. All programming languages work the same way logically, its just the syntax varies. You’re gonna use variables, functions, loops, and conditions no matter what it is. If you like pain, learn Assembly Language LOL. Working with an engine whose conventions you don’t want to offend is a bit different, but I don’t think it will hurt you and it will be more fun.