Im having problems when importing fbx

Hi everyone! Im having problems when I try to import an fbx character. It is okay on blender but when I import it to unreal it seems invisible by the side I look. I dont know how to explain properly because im new at game developing.

A random guess, but by the looks of this characters feet, it looks like, some polygons are facing inwards, and the material in UE is not set to two sided, so only visible from one side, therefore invisible from the other side.

For a test, try to go into your chars material and activate the “Two Sided” function and see, if that changes anything. You can find it in the panel on the left side:

I fixed it. The problem was that the normals were inverted in blender. I had to recalculate the outside orientation of the different meshes. I also activated the checkbox you mentioned so thank you so much!!