I'm creating a puzzle with Blueprints and I need help

Hello everyone! I am fairly new to blueprints and would like some help.
So basically I want to create a puzzle which involves lighting candles when you interact with them, (Using E)
I have tried a lot of different things but I can’t quite make the fire particle effect toggle on and off.
I also wish for it to be able to toggle other flames on other candles when I use specific ones.
The aim of the puzzle is to light all candles by lighting them in the correct order.
Could anyone give me any guidance, it would be much appreciated!

Thanks, Beardbeck.

Well, You could “toggele visibility” of Your fire, it’s probably the easiest way, but when you set the visibility to false Your fire will instantly vanish, it won’t look very good.

To comunicate between candles, I would use “bluepirnt interface” ([Youtube Tutorial][1]) :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply my friend! I am not too bothered about the instant vanish look at the moment, I just want to get it to work.
I will have a watch of the video and let you know how it goes!