I'm a little stuck here. Could use a hand from the community.

Alright, First of all, I have a human 3d model that’s basically ready for Unreal testing. The model is rigged. However, I’m an idiot when it comes to animations and everything after that point.

The model is currently rigged in both a biped, and I have another one in CAT. It doesn’t have any animations yet because I’m still learning how to do that. :slight_smile:

Would anyone here be kind enough to send me a link, create a guide, or walk me through this in anyway on how to get my model animated for a basic walk cycle and imported working properly in UE4?

I have a basic understanding on how to make the walk cycle, but then how do I export it, and get it working in the new UE? Also, I ONLY have 3ds MAX. so unfortunately I can’t use Maya.

I guess I’m looking for a step by step guide to get a very very basic walking model into UDK. I can figure it out from there. I’ve played around with UE3, but never really past the point of level creation and animation. I’d like to actually hit this hard and see about getting a nice working project together. I know how to 3d model pretty well actually, but my animation experience is 0…

Any help at all would be appreciated soo much! Thanks.

Well a good start for you are the Docs in particular the part about the Animations.

You probably want to start with the Related Links section at the bottom of the page.

This should get you started on how to import and setup your character but be warned this isn’t just a click, click done job.

For general information on how to animate inside your 3D package you are better-advised to use google! It’s not because i’m too lazy to explain it but rather it is such a complex topic!

If you have questions about a certain topic of the documentation, please fell free to ask.

On the other hand, since you said you use Max as your preferred software you might want to consider using Maya. If i’m not mistaken it is still available for “free” as a student licence and as long as you don’t plan on releasing your content to the public you can use it without restrictions. Which in turn would grant you access to the “Animation and Rigging Tools” which will facilitate your life by over 9000!
And just between you and me, Maya over Max! :wink:

Hope it helps to get you started.
All the best

That link you gave me has some really good information it it. Thank you. I’ll pick through it and see if I’m still stuck. Appreciate it!