I'm a beginner and I'am a little bit lost.

Hey, I have started in game development like one week ago, I have some programming knowledge, C#, python, JavaScript, etc. I started reading the documentation for getting a real good knowledge before starting to do my game. But I’ve read in multiple sites that the right way of learning is starting to develop a game and looking for tutorials for each thing I want to have in the game. I started with this one, as I wanted to learn to do a FPS but not using the template, in order to learn. The problem is when he starts doing things in blueprint I get lost as I can follow the tutorial but I don’t know what is exactly he doing and if I would like to modify something a little bit advanced probably I couldn’t. So what do you recommend me for learning to do my own game in Unreal Engine? Thanks.

I believe an FPS character is simple enough for you to begin, you can create simple interactions like buttons and simple movement and jumping.

Try this:

  1. Create a Blank Project (choose Starter Content if you want some objects to put in the level and materials to use).
  2. Create a Blueprint (choose Character Class) for your FPS Character.
  3. Create a Blueprint and choose Game Mode. Go to Edit > Project Settings (or click the Settings Button at the top bar in the main view and choose Project Settings), go to Maps & Modes > Default Modes and change the Default Game Mode to the one you created and the Default Pawn Class to your Blueprint Character.
  4. Open your Character Blueprint > Viewport tab. Click ADD COMPONENT green button and type Camera. Position your Camera at eye’s height of the Capsule Component.
  5. In your Character Blueprint, click on CLASS DEFAULTS at the top buttons bar and in the Details Panel look at Pawn > Auto Possess Player and choose Player 0.
  6. Go to Project Settings > Input and Add Axis Mappings. Add one called MoveUp (Up is X axis and in Unreal it means ‘foward’) and another called moveRight (which will be Y axis for sideways movement). Bind MoveUp to W and S keys and MoveRight to D and A (to move your character with WASD). In the Scales, put 1 for W and D, -1 for S and A.
  7. Open your Character Blueprint, go to Event Graph, right click and type MoveUp and MoveRight (choose the Event in each one, which will be the red nodes).
  8. Drag and drop the Execution Wire (white wire) and type “Add Movement Input” and choose it. Do that for both MoveUp and MoveRight.
  9. Connect the green “Axis Value” coming out the red movement nodes to the Scale Value inputs in the Add Movement Input nodes.
  10. In the Add Input Movement, World Direction input: put X 1.0 in MoveUp and Y 1.0 in MoveRight. X axis is foward in Unreal.

Your character should work and move now! =D

For Jumping:

  1. Go to Project Settings > input, click “+” on Action Mappings and name it Jump (or whatever you want). Bind it to spacebar or other key.
  2. Go to your Character Blueprint > Event Graph, right click an empty area and type Jump (choose the Event, red node).
  3. Drag and drop the Execution wire and type “Add Impulse (Character Movement)”.
  4. Put an absurd number in Z axis (Unreal has some weird world units, not conventional units). In this example I put 50,000 and it’s only a small jump hehe.

Your character will Jump!

Hope it helps! Screenshots below.







Salutations ManuGarcia,

Perhaps it would help to watch a video tutorial so that you could see the exact steps along the way.
Epic has provided some amazing ones available here: