Illumination Visual Bug

Any idea of what can cause this visual bug? I know it’s related to the lights but I don’t know how to remove it.
If it isn’t clear the visual bug are the rings of shadows that appear in the planet (weren´t here at the beginning dunno what cause them to appear)

other example

Neither of us know what it is supposed to look like. Could you elaborate further on what visual bug you see?

oh yea sorry, the rings of shadows in the planet arent supposed to be there, they appeared at some point but dunno why

Oh I see! So the bands that goes through the planet is what you are having issues with? Just for the sake of testing, have you added a directional light to see if it resolves the issue?

What are your current engine settings for graphics? Is the shadows turned down low?

I have a directional light to give a more general gentle illumination yea but I don’t know where to check the shadow or graphic settings, im still pretty new to unreal

Ok i Found what was causing it, it was the attenuation raidus of my main light, it was too high so it bugged