Illuminating a screen

Hi guys/ettes, I’ve made a capturescreen using the Capture Component 2D object, wich I want to have in a darkened room. My issue is lighting this baby up, without getting to much of the disturbing white spots from the reflected light.
I’m guessing there is no easy way of backlitting it, but is there a way of lighting it and having the light spread out nicely over the whole thing, instead of having that white centerpoint?
All and any help is greatly appreciated:D

2 different issues here:

  1. creating a screen that lights up and displays your sceneCapture2D:
    create a new material. in your content browser, select your RenderTarget2D, back in your material, hold down T and left click. this should put your render target 2d into your material. multiply this by any number and output to emission. apply this material to your object which is your screen that you want to light up.

  2. lighting hotspots: you can play around with lighting falloff and inverse squares lighting falloff