Illogical Compile Errors During Packaging

Hello everyone

I have had this problem for a while and I found a solution to it. I’m posting this here so that others with the same or similar problem may find help.

The problem is that I’ve installed Rama’s Victory Plugin and ever since I’ve had compile errors during packaging or C++ compile. But the compile errors make no sense, like they’ll give me errors on correct syntax.

At first I thought the errors were due to my project being corrupted, so I simply created a blank project and copied all my content into it. This seemed to have worked, and then suddenly it didn’t.

Long story short: it turns out a period (.) is not allowed in the project’s directory name. Basically what I did was I had 2 copies of my game: one in a folder called “4.8” and another in a folder called “4.9”. This was because I was transitioning to 4.9, but wanted to keep my old code around as a backup. As it turns out this gives issues with C++ compiling. I’ve moved the 4.8 backup and renamed the 4.9 project folder to it’s original name, and all problems were solved!

This brings up a few questions: was it really the period in the name that caused the problem, or was it simply the fact that the name had been changed which caused the issues? And does this mean that no periods are allowed in the entire directory path to the project? I’m too scared to test these out, because I want to keep my project in a working state.

Another tip that I want to give: If this doesn’t help then perhaps have a look at this question.