[IKinema Tutorials] - pointing weapons and look-at behaviour

Hi Everyone,

You can point weapons using just a single pose (no animation) at any direction with IKinema RunTime and this tutorial shows you how to do that;
We also show how to add look-at behaviour;

You shouldn’t need more than 30min to have this applied to your characters :); The assets [are available here]( weapons to targets)

Ahh, I was trying to figure this out properly the other day.
Thank you!

Hi Kris,
Make sure you are with the latest; update your WebAnimate plugin and reexport the rig. To update, just download again from here and reinstall

Hey Alex,

Your first two tutorials were very informative - thanks for that! I’d love to see your next tutorial cover how to run across a landscape with a human biped and have fluid foot IK setup to cover all the natural angles. I’d be interested in seeing it on a four-legged creature as well (dog, cat, whatever), but mostly to see it working on a human.

Thanks again!


Hi Zooch,

You might have seem our dragon locomotion behaviour presented in the demo package? Locomotion is probably on of the most challenging behaviours and the blueprint implementations tend to get heavy and complex. We are now working on a blueprint locomotion node that can be adapted to any character. We believe that this would be the easiest way to implement complex locomotion. We will inform you guys once this is ready to share.


Thanks for the update! This is indeed what I’m waiting for. (I dont care if the blueprint is complicated, I can sort that stuff out pretty easily, but I’m guessing not everyone shares my same enthusiasm.)

Hey Alex,

Do you have any updates on that blueprint locomotion node? Waiting to see what you guys do with this - I’m just about finished with an entire set of locomotion animations and would love to have an IK setup for our island landscape.


Hi Zooch,
Yes this is coming. We wanted to make a very generic node that can take any character hence the challenge, but hopefully we are a couple of weeks from releasing it!

Awesome! Thanks for the update :slight_smile: