IK-Rig inside Animation Editor

So I was curions if it is possible to have IK-rigged model (not fk-rigged model) inside the Animation Editor Tool. Is it real?

I dont need to create cycles, I need to create long ■■■ animations of the characters since I am making movies within engine. I am not really willing to learn professional animation 3D packets like Maya along with UE, I wanna try and stick to UE only.

I planning to use the UE4 for the same purpose, Epic released the control rig system for animating character directly in the engine, but this thing work correctly only with the default Epic skeleton for now, it was supposed to be updated for the 4.17, then delayed, now the 4.18 is here and still no news.

Our best hope for now is the Allright rig plugin…nreal-engine-4
The final version should be released soon.