IK and how it works

I’ve read alot of tutorials and have been trying to teach myself as it seems hard to find anyone able to do paid work for it. So if anyone does have any tips, tricks or useful videos that you’ve found please post them here or send me a message could really use some help with this combination of the Razer Hydra plug in and IK.

You are talking about Inverse-Kinematics, right? As in the animation tecnique? Unless I’ve been sleeping under the rock and I’ve missed something I assumed that’s what IK meant. Hence why I’m super confused why you’er asking how to IK with a Razer Hydra.

If you are on about IK, check out the Animation map of the Content Example.

What specifically are you trying to accomplish, and how far along are you?

Attempting to make it so the razer hydras control the users hands similar to Oculus Maximus

Have you managed to get any type of input from the razor hydras into the engine? Can you control the hands indirectly, by any other means, to any extent? If IK is literally the only snag, I might be able to point you in the right direction. Maybe. :slight_smile: