Ignoring actor collision

Hi there everyone,i made my character speed up on object pick up(coin)for a few seconds,and now i want to make my character ignore all the collision with obstacles while speeding up for that few seconds on object pick up,and then later make it back to the normal state of dying when hitting the obstacles.
Currently i have “SpeedUP” custom event in the character blueprint(picture 1),Death event in the same blueprint(picture 2),and casting that death function to the character in the obstacle blueprint.I
I have an idea of making branch statement in the obstacle blueprint just after casting character to the mesh,where the condition would be "speedup"event from the picture 1 and if its true it would call “ignore actor” node,if not than call “death” event(from picture 2),but it doesn’t seem to be possible to call the custom events from the other blueprints.
If anyone has any suggestion how to make this work i would be very thankful.



as far as I understand:

Add a bool to your character which indicate the running state. In the obstacle BP hit / overlap cast then to the character and check if the character is running, if so ignore it.
So I would set in the Character BP before the delay isRunning=true and after the delay isRunning=false.

Kind Regards