If you have a free minute, try this project on your android device [Bug Check]

Hello Everybody,

Normally I wouldn’t post this type of thing because you normally don’t need to but android support is a slippery fish (not just for UE4, but everyone). If you don’t have a plethora of devices to test your system on it can be problematic for the ecosystem. Something as large and extensive as UE4 you are bound to have problems, and the small community of developers haven’t really been able to full test mobile compatibility. I’m thinking about making a formal post later about way to help in this department (structured, civilized, formal way to easily reproduce/ask other people to test to confirm bugs), that way we can really help developers nail down bugs more specifically and not be too wasteful of time (particularly if you don’t have a “supported” device). This post and the other later on is to expose engine bugs (that effect mobile/android, specifically) and **not ** a compatibility/stability/performance bugs ( or entire engine bugs, editor bugs) that may be unique to YOUR device only (hopefully this is improve as dev team gets more phones to work with).

Behavior: Relative position seems to not work properly on child classes if the object is a movable static mesh(with simulated physics)

Is this posted elsewhere (Answerhub,forum,etc…): Setting relative position of Physics components on Android Breaks. W/ Video - UE4 AnswerHub

How to Test: Run on PC and Run on Android. Ball falls/rolls down the hill and every 3 seconds is reset to relative position of parent (0,0,0) and then falls again

Engine version: Bug Template is in 4.1.1 but same behavior is seen on 4.1.0, and Latest 4.2 preview

How I am testing it: When this project is ran on my Nexus 10(don’t get me started on stability there), and on Note 3. When the ball is reset, it disappears on mobile. On PC is does as expected.

Whats in the file: a Barebones stripped down thirdperson template with above example!xxB3lL4C!vzLFd4AvuTpnLsJlo4sKyjg1q_WUEXbBQhW955lAnj4

If you tried it out, Please post either: Confirm/Can’t confirm and the basic device and android information.

So in my case: Confirm Note 3 [Android 4.4.2] , Nexus 10 [Android 4.4.2]