If vertex positions of skeletal meshes are calculated internally with the GPU is there a way that I could make my own copy of the same calculation with my own GPU software

It took me a while from searching around to find this out. How could I get the vertex groups of all of the armatures and find out how much mesh deformation that I would need to calculate based on this. I do know how to do GPU programming. It is extremely important that I get the vertices of 2 skeletal meshes.

You may know, some shaders can be found under the Engine/Shaders folder. There are a couple of GpuSkin files that may be of help under Engine/Shaders/Private. These are HLSL text files that can be opened with Notepad. I do not know what is involved with sending your own shader midstream though with the UnrealEngine.

I don’t think you can go that far, you have to have access to the open gl contex window or direct x as I understand unreal uses bolth.

How are you going to use open’s gl pipe line, maybe if you build from source, I don’t know.
Opengl pipe line involves taking your vertex shaders and the other shaders and transforming them to binary code so the gpu can process it.

There is sort of no gpu programming, it’s just binary code for GPU, it’s the only thing it understands, the shader language for opengl handles this. I’m asking the same question, if you can use raw opengl shader languge if you build from source to create primitives with shaders.

Why do you want to go this far, there are maybe other methods to get the vertex groups.
Maybe if you create a loop of some sort, and iliterate thru all of the mesh with it, yeahhh.
But you have to get the list and to do that you have to load mesh values in some container and then list it out some how.

You have to convert things from a to b to get there.