If this is answerhub, why do so many of the questions go unanswered

I have a ton of questions but it seems harder and harder to find solutions for Unreal Engine. I always try to do my own research before coming to the forums or answerhub. When I am forced to come here to find an answer, I find the same questions I need to ask have already been posted without any resolution or even answered at all. I understand that the answers here are from the community and it isn’t their responsibility to answer all questions, but I think Epic should have more hands on like they use to in the past before they passed the buck onto the community. So how do you get questions answered here?

Be clear and precise. Try to ask about 1 specific thing at a time. Explain what you’ve tried already. Attach a screenshot if it makes sense.

Commenting on an older issue will refresh it and push it to the top, as you might expect.

Not sure what the ratio of the answered to unanswered questions is but bear in mind that lots of them were asked way back then when there were not enough knowledgeable people to deal with the lot. And they got buried. The original poster moved on / found a solution or did not bother updating (no resolution).

More manpower would help but I don’t think Epic is obliged to answer questions here (someone corrects me if I’m wrong). Most of them are answered by the community but you do see a new staff name every now and then - but this might be just reshuffling in the ranks.

Depends on the Question. Most of them are to Broad or fail to describe the Problem. Example Question I will never Answer are those who heavily depend on the actuall Game → Inventory Systems, Combat mechanics, etc. instead show me where you got stuck making your System. Its not Teaching/Tutorial Hub! But I dont mind if People start calling me Senpai jk x)

If its a General or Technical Question or a Well described Problem Im always happy to Answer those if I can. Im even fine with purely Design Questions since they are more abstract and generalized and dont need a implementation explanation.

I do appreciate both of your answers and taking the time to answer. Thank You!

The questions here were answered by the Epic staff before. I don’t know exactly when it changed, but they changed it so it was handled by the community. I guess my question was out of frustration over so many times coming to the answerhub looking for a solution and finding others having asking the same question already without any replies or answers.
I never come here looking for game related things such as you mentioned. It’s always technical things that are specifically related to the game engine. Anyway.

You all in the community that do take the time to answer have all of our appreciation and gratitude.