If there are too two players, why does the server spawn an extra client/actor?

Hey, from my understand the Server spawns everything in the game world, and anything that is replicated is sent to the dumb client as a copy. For e.g the flag is replicated, and this is spawned on the server, and then spawned on the clients.

In my prototype, when the game first begins, I make sure the Game Mode Default Pawn Class is set to none.

This means, when the game beings, the client and host control nothing.

In my custom game mode, on Even On Post Login, I check to see If I am the server. If yes, then I add new players to an array, for every new player, spawn an actor, and get that player to posses the pawn.

ill try and post a video.

I looked in the game object list, during gameplay, and I can see there are two cameras, two pawns, ect, and an extra hover pawn. So the server isn’t spawning on for him self. Because there’s no one to call it.