If I sell my game to another company what do I owe EPIC?

If I make a game and sell all of its rights to another company for them to distribute and support in the future, what money am I required to pay to EPIC. I feel it’s safe to assume they will take 5% of that sale, but what happens after that. Do the 5% fees for future sales fall to the purchaser, or am I still responsible to pay the 5% on those future profits as well? I guess another way to look at it is, Does the licensing agreement transfer to the purchaser at that time?

So basically if they are a UE4 Licensee I would be able to transfer the license for the product in question to them and they would be responsible for all future royalties? Also am I correct in assuming that there would be a 5% royalty on the overall sale to the third party as well?

The short answer is that one licensee will need to be responsible for Product royalties under the EULA. In the case you describe, you’d want to make sure that the acquirer of the game takes a UE4 license and assumes responsibility for royalties going forward. Otherwise, you owe them.

Also note that if you are truly selling the game, and providing source code along with it, the acquirer also needs to be a UE4 licensee in order to be able to receive the code.

Yes to the first question - you could basically make the acquirer responsible for the game royalties going forward. As for the second question, it doesn’t fit neatly into any the stated royalty exemptions in the EULA. But I’d encourage you to reach out to Epic privately if that were to happen to discuss the particulars in more detail.

Perfect. Thanks.