If i get the new windows will I still own my payed games

So I am planing to get a completely new windowes for my laptop and I am wondering if my payed games will still be available to instal again for free if I login into my same accaunt that I use every day (and right now). I know I will lose data and progress on games thaht don’t have a login but some of them cost and I really don’t whant to pay for them again (I actually got them when they were for free on sale but the sale is over and they cost again). Can somebody please answer, ty.

You probably won’t get much help here as this is Unreal Engine centered AnwserHub, you should contact Epic Store support Epic Games Technical Support & Customer Service | Epic Games

From developer perspective and considering Epic Store don’t support cloud storage yet, it all depends on the game, if it’s offline single player then saves are stored on you computer and as long as they are not bound to you computer then you can back them up and trasfer them to another. Online games store you progress on the server, so in this case all you need ot do is log in with same account on new computer