If i cancel subscription, will i be able release when done?

Hi, so i just want to ask out of curiosity,

‘‘If i pay for a subscription now, when i can not continue to afford it, and cancel the subscription, will i be able release my game when i am done? Commercially or Non-Commercially, with the 5% or without? Basically, Do i need a current subscription in order to release a (commercial or non-commercial game?’’
Sorry if this is not clear. Thanks.

You can release your game with that version of UE4 you have. You don’t need further subscription.

Hey Lawrie,

You do not have to re-subscribe to publish a game, however there are steps that must be taken which can be found here:

Hope that answers your questions!

Ben Halliday

The short answer is that you can release a game without an active subscription. Under the terms of the EULA, canceling your subscription allows you to use the current version you have downloaded and release products using that version. You will still be obligated to pay the 5%. However, if you cancel your subscription, you will not get access to any updates or bug fixes that are released by Epic.