Idle and Walk States Issues (UE Animation Walkthrough)

Howdy there!

I’m having an issue completing the UE Animation Walkthrough which can be found here:

In the very first Blueprint screenshot that you see, I am supposed to create four ‘Set’ nodes for IsJumping, IsCrouching, IsJogging, IsProne and four nodes that are linked to the ‘AsMyCharacterC’ pin in the ‘CastToMyCharacter’ node which are: JumpPressed, CrouchPressed, JogPressed, PronePressed. I can create all four ‘Set’ nodes and the first pin node which are JumpPressed no problem but I can’t create the CrouchPressed, JogPressed and PronePressed nodes for whatever reason. I’ve been through the MyCharacter Blueprint making sure the Bool variables I created weren’t the issue and I didn’t see anything wrong. I went through the tutorial again step by step to make sure I didn’t miss anything and I didn’t.

Could someone point me in the right direction on why I can’t create the last two nodes that I need? I attached a picture to show what I’m talking about.

Not sure … shot in the dark … but are those variables set as public … the eye should be yellow on the right of the variable.

Before in some earlier versions … the variables used to be set as public by default … but they changed this … some of the tutorials have not been updated to reflect this. I got caught out a few times in the beginning.


I got it working!

I didn’t even bother to check that till you said something. Thank you for replying and solving my issue, I was getting pretty frustrated.

P.S. I think its awesome your from South Africa. Always loved the fact game developers are all over the world and we are always helping each other :smiley:

Cool man … glad you came right. 8-}

I have the same problem, but making the eyes yellow or public didn’t work. I still can only summon the JumpPressed and not the other. Is this second image the way you fixed?