Ideal monitor setup?.

I own a single Dell 24" monitor, and I’ve found that it is extremely unconfortable to work with UE4.

My budget is limited, but I want to expand my area of work, I thought that maybe one smaller monitor for blueprints/c++ would do, but I have my doubts.

What is your experience?.


Dual monitor is the way to go. Bigger is better, but a smaller 19" will do as well.

Personally I don’t think it would be possible for me to go back to using a single screen, having 3dsmax on the left, ue4 on the right, or even just a material/blueprint open on one monitor with the viewport on the other, 2 screens will increase your productivity. It doesn’t have to be the same size screen, I prefer it but it’s not necessary. Also it’s very handy for debugging. :slight_smile:

If it’s only for text editing, a $100 AOC or whatever will work fine. I got this for text editing: AOC 20" with DVI in for $89.

If it’s for anything that moves and renders, you probably want something with faster response and nicer color reproduction, which will likely run you $200 or more.

Also, if you have two monitors with totally different gamma/gamut/response, it may drive you batty, depending on how sensitive you are, so the best for that would be two of the same kind of monitor.

Side gripe: Why are all monitors 16:9 (like 1920x1080) these days? 16:10 (like 1920x1200) or even 3:2 is so much better for code editing… I guess the mass volumes of TV displays make the economics force displays to suck unless you want to pay $500+…

Get a screen that can be rotated sideways and you get 9:16, even better than 3:2. :slight_smile:

I personally would also use two monitors, because on one side you can have the main editor window and on the other something like the material or particle editor,… → I use a 24" + a 18" monitor for my work in the UE4 :slight_smile:

I would definitely say two monitors at least. Makes it easier when debugging blueprints to be able to see it on the other screen. Personally I user 3 monitors. One for UE4, one for documentation and the other for Visual Studio.

Just saying i use 2x22" 1680x1050 ( 3360x1050) , it’s a little unconfortable to work with UE4 on 1 screen because big toolbar but acceptable, i think , today , the best is 2 x27" with big graphic card.

I use 3x 27" 2560x1440 monitors… probably a bit of an overkill but if you have the graphics power then having at least two of those is pretty much as perfect as it gets if you ask me.

What I think is that having a 3 24+" monitor setup would force you to move back the monitors, which would cause the text hard to read.


I have two 27" monitors (1920x1080 and a 2560x1440) on the edges, with a 28" 4K monitor in the middle.

Basically, the middle one is at a comfortable distance, with one coming off each side angled to be kind of an arc in front of me. It does take up a fair bit of the desk, but I have all my external drives, recording paraphernalia, and some other misc stuff behind the monitors, with my KRKs (speakers) to the sides of the main monitor (kind of peeking through the gap between main and side monitors).

I find that it works quite well, and I can read everything (apart from a few programs that don’t scale their fonts on the 4K monitor), AND I have lots of space to work with.

It really depends on what is comfortable for you. Even having two monitors makes a huge difference (IMHO).

Once I got used to multiple monitors, I find it REALLY hard to go back.

And as jwatte said, you can just pick up cheap ones for the flanking monitor(s), it’s really about being able to have things isolated so they don’t get in the way of other things.

BTW, I didn’t just buy three monitors. Each of the secondary ones are my older monitors. i.e the 4K is my current primary, the 1440 was my main before that, and the other the main before that, etc, etc.

You can always do something similar, get a cheap one to see what you think, and if you like it (or later when you are up for it) you can buy a bigger, more expensive one and then either retire the cheap one, or use it as a third.

IMHO it’s definitely worth giving a shot though.

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Get mounting arms with pivot, some 16x10 monitor and turn it vertically. There you have very good side panel for content browser and not so good for blueprints. But its much better than single monitor setup.