[Idea/Request] Sticky Thread in forum for view all bugs list

Create a only read Sticky Thread by Moderator or Admins in “Announcements and Releases” with all reported bugs of all version(or last)(active bugs), fixed bugs and the links to Answerhub or forums fix if have community fix and ins’t fixed by Epic in a patch.
1 Thread for all versions accumulative and with different colors for small, medium, big bugs and in fix process… (small = yellow, medium = orange, big = red, in process = black, fixed = green)
Because find bugs in forums and Answerhub some times is a mess and the same bugs are in different reports/posts and with different words.


Bug List:

  • (4.6) Engine crash at edit map - Epic working on, fix expected for 4.7.
  • (4.6) Audio not work - Community fix: here.
  • (4.6) Other bug - Fix in process - Reported here.
  • (4.6) Other bug - Fixed.
  • (4.5) Other bug - Fix in process.
  • (4.1) Other bug - Fixed in 4.3.

*Fixed bugs go out of the list after version jump.

I think the best place is to go to AnswerHub and check for the “bug report” tagged questions.
Keeping a list of bugs here as well might just be doublework, plus you have a thread per bug on AH.
Just thinking…

Hey folks,

We are looking into a solution for sharing our bugs list. No definite timeline on that yet though.