I would like to make a Horror Game. Where do I begin?

Hello. I am learning the ins and outs of game development and I am wondering where to begin building. I would like to make a horror game that is heavily influenced by the story. I am familiar with 3ds max and Unreal Engine and I am unsure of what I should do to begin working on this. What do I work on first? Story, Art Concept, Mechanics? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Since your game is going to be “heavily influenced by the story,” I’d suggest you start with the story and making it compelling and original. Then I’d just watch a few YouTube videos on Game/Level design to get a rough idea where to begin or if you even want to begin. Then get a few concepts sketched out. Get some friends on board if possible -At that point you’ll be ready start your serious planning and game design, in which case there are a lot of free resources -but making a game is a pretty big undertaking, depending on how complex you want to make it. On the other hand, a simple demo game is not all that difficult to make and could be fun for starters and something to expand on if successful.

Like Steve said, focus first on the story. I highly recommend you find good websites, videos, books, etc, to help you out with creating your design document. Also, recruit your friends! Making games is more fun when your friends are involved.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot.