I would like to have some advise about Game Development

Should i put color and texture in objects since 3ds Max (i’m using 3ds max) or just handle in unreal engine?
Are there differences between put colors and textures in 3ds max and unreal engine ?
Why most of game developer are using texture instead of create some objects for example we can create brick wall in 3ds max or in any program 3D instead of using brick wall texture?

It’s better to texture before exporting to UE4. Look for some basic texturing tutorials. You would also need to learn UV mapping. Unreal Engine doesn’t have much capability for texturing, you mostly just apply a material.
As far as using a texture vs. modeling things, it reduces the amount of geometry which makes things run better in a game. For something like a brick wall there’s no need to model the bricks since you can get something that looks as good with just textures since it’s mostly flat.

Goodmorning thank you very much for the explanation it’s makes me more understand how game works :slight_smile: