I want to use only a direct dynamic light, how to get perfect shadows only from my pawn?

I know that you can have many options in the light but that affects all scene, I want perfect shadow in my pawn (which sometimes will be far from the camera) and I dont mind too much about the static objects of the scene shadows, I mean I dont want to waste resources in that objects, how is the best way to do this?. BTW my pawn is build from smaller static meshes attached (some of them really small, and I want even those small ones to cast good and defined shadows). THANKS!

Edit: I know that there is some command line/config file variables to tweak but also a newer “far shadow” thing (that I could not make work), anyway all of that solutions work at whole scene level and as I said it would be awesome to have separates settings one for my pawn and one for all the rest of meshes in the scene (it would be a good idea to have two direct lights? one excluding the player pawn and vice-versa?)

Use a separate lighting channel for your dynamic light and pawn.