I want to separate my Vive controllers

Hi guys,
I wanna attach an actor to my right controller whenever I press a key, but it’s to hard for me since the controllers are not separate. How can I have two separate blueprints for each controller step by step.
I’ve seen a solution to this, answered on another question but it’s not too clearly for me, it doesn’t work.

This is the solution that is not clear for me: “In the VR Pawn, under comment “Spawn and attach both motion controllers” - you will find nodes that spawns the controller BP twice - one for each hand. So maybe do this - Duplicate BP_MotionController. Rename it. Then edit it to your hearts content and instead of spawning BP_MotionController under “left controller” or “right controller” switch the spawn class to BP_“WhatEverYouNamedIt”. Should spawn custom BP to whichever or both hands. Not fully tested but let me know!”

Thank you guys

in pawn (defaul vr template) you already has two separated conrollers after spawn in begin play. they writed in variable leftcontroller and rightcontroller .
in game just attach to them your object