I want to install the unreal engine 4

Hey im David,

Actually i want to install the Unreal Engine 4, But every answer is telling how to install the launcher, Can You help me?
(I already Download it).

Hello, David!

The launcher installs Unreal Engine 4, so you should install the launcher first. Then, it will help you install Unreal Engine 4. If you used the launcher to download Unreal Engine 4, then you should be able to start it from the launcher.

Hope this helps,


When i install the Unreal Engine (without 4 in it) it just sign in

Can’t install the unreal engine 4

When i open it it just have 3 button: Feed ,Libary, and Marketplace

Click on ‘Library’. At the top, there should be ‘Engine Slots’. Those are where you download and launch Unreal Engine 4.

Under ‘Engine Slots’ there should be an ‘Install’ button that downloads the engine.

How i click it?

it says subcribe

Hey Vi7, have you subscribed an logged in?


Can you confirm that you have an active membership that you paid $19 for?