I Want To Create A Interactive Animation Sequence/Matinee

Hello, You Beautiful People!

I a currently working on a VR Project for my Final Year Project, which basically in the first scene you are placed in a doctors room and I want my animation sequence to play in game, but to be able to be paused (idle) and then the player interacts with something (say a button for example) and then it will continue the animation from the idle or whatever pose it may be (loopable obvs)

As a 3D Games Animation student I know my way around 3DS max and will be shooting my motion capture soon, but I only just started learning UE4 so I’m a bit rough compared to Max. How would I go about doing this, I’ve looked into Sequence Editor and know my way around it but not sure it allows an animation to wait for a player to interact with something before it continues.

Sorry if this seems like a noob question it’s because I am a noob at UE4!

Click on your sequence in the world outliner, and make sure “Auto Play” is not checked.

In the level blueprint you can do this (based on a custom event, for example)